When examined, global warming seems to be a huge problem which should obviously cut across all interest groups, political divides, and existing social movements. No matter what issue moves us, we all, like it or not, have to live here on earth! We don't bring up this reality to devalue other issues we face or the social movements that confront them, but to point out how foundational an issue global warming and environmental degradation is to life on earth. Saving our planet from what the vast majority of scientists tell us is an existential, human-caused crisis seems, at the surface, to be the one thing that every person, young or old, living on earth can get behind. Right?

  • Black Lives Matter is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people.

  • East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ) is an environmental health and justice non-profit organization working towards a safe and healthy environment for communities that are disproportionately suffering the negative impacts of industrial pollution. Through grass-roots organizing and leadership building skills, EYCEJ works to enable under-represented communities to be heard, which in turn influences policy change, policy makers and agencies that can institute health protective environmental justice policies that are in the best interest of local, regional, and statewide residents.

  • Volunteers with March & Rally LA speak at city council meetings, show up for protests, phone bank and petition elected officials, connect communities across issues, and provide creative issue advocacy so that our combined numbers make real change happen. Connect with us, and become an activist.

  • Occupy ICE is a series of protests, modeled on the Occupy Movement, that emerged in the United States in reaction to the Trump administration family separation policy, with a goal of disrupting operations at several U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) locations.

  • is an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all.

  • STAND-L.A. is an environmental justice coalition of community groups that seeks to end neighborhood drilling to protect the health and safety of Angelenos on the front lines of urban oil extraction.

  • Youth Climate Stike, the youth of America, are striking because the science says we have just a few years to transform our energy system, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and prevent the worst effects of climate change.